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Email Signature Format and Generator

Email signatures represent you as a professional and an MSOE employee to all audiences. As a touchpoint of the brand, a common format for MSOE signatures has been developed for all employees to use in order to represent the university in a unified manner.

The MSOE signature requires four elements:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • MSOE Logo

There are many other optional elements that can be added to create a more personalized email signature. Remember to keep best practices in mind when creating your signature:

  • Simplicity and professionalism: Although there are many options to personalize your email signature, it should be remembered that the signature is not a biography-it should be kept simple and to the point.
  • Graphics/logos/photos: The only graphic element of your email signature should be the MSOE logo. Please refrain from using any other logos or graphics.
  • Fonts/colors: Do not change the formatting created by the font generator. These characteristics are necessary to maintain consistency.
  • Avoid disclaimers: Disclaimers rarely hold legal weight and act primarily as clutter at the bottom of the signature.

The generator below helps you create an email signature that matches MSOE format. Once you have created it, simply cut and paste it into your Outlook email signature section. If you encounter technical issues, please contact IT at (414) 277-7288 or via email at

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